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Spa Dent Teeth Whitening Results & Patient Testimonials

Spa Dent allows your patients teeth to be as bright as possible. Whether from a in office treatment or a take home kit, we guarantee that your patients will be amazed by their new smiles. Below are some examples of how users have gotten their teeth up to 8+ shades brighter.

Hi! I’m so happy that I inquired about Spa Dent at my dental office. I have wanted to ‘brighten up’ my teeth for a long time now. On my first visit I saw a significant whitening effect. The procedure was simple and clean. Everything was easy. I will definitely recommend your service. I already feel more confident.

— Karen

I am one satisfied client! I guess you could say I am obsessed about white teeth. I have used Crest white strips a number of times and I have got good results but it took weeks. This took just 20 minutes. Thank you I will be a continued customer.

— Cynthia

I work as a Benefits Administrator and we have a very busy office with a tremendous amount of walk-in employees. I have never been happier in helping our employees as I feel more confident and smile more openly in greeting everyone who comes into our office for assistance. The procedure was very simple and did not hurt. I have very sensitive teeth and was very concerned about the possible pain I might experience. There was absolutely no pain whatsoever. The results were absolutely amazing - went up 8 shades.

— Paula

I was very pleased with the results. The cost is very affordable and I would highly recommend this procedure to anyone. I did not experience any discomfort, only a slight tingle but nothing that would make me not do it again.

— Michelle

The results were immediate and unbelievably effective. I was so happy that I had my wife try it out as well. She is now very impressed with my seemingly new found personal care skills. Thanks - see you in about 9 months for a touch up!

— Brian

Now when my wife tells me to smile, I do! No more coffee teeth. I can’t believe how white my teeth actually are, as compared to the smile I used to have. All in one painless trip to the dentist.

— Keith


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