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Spa Dent introduced pre-filled whitening trays into the dental market in 2008 and since that time we have continually improved both the tray and gel design. We were the first and still are the best at making prefilled trays. Our gel does not break down or slip in trays like other products on the market. Guaranteed results with our Xyliprox™ gel. Available in two different kits.

Regular Strength
20 minute application - no barrier required - 30% CP + 5% HP Xyliprox™ Gel

Extra Strength
20 or 40 minute application - barrier required - 40% CP + 10% HP Xyliprox Gel


  • Prefilled Whitening tray(s)
  • Blue Dental Bib
  • Aftercare Syringe 2.5ml

Extra Strength Kit also includes:

  • Liquid Dam 1.2ml + Tip
  • Cheek Retractor