Instruction Sheet | Shade Guide

How Does Spa Dent Stack Up?

Product Features Flex Hygiene Brightening Zoom Pola
Total Application Time (min) 30-50 10 90 90
Treatment Length (min) 20-40 8 45 45
Results (Shades Whiter) 2-12 1-4 2-8 2-8
Delivery Method Tray Tray Paint On Paint On
Light Activated Yes Yes Yes No
Pain/Sensitivity/Dehydration No No Yes Yes
Natural Ingredients Yes Yes No No
Take Home Tray and Case Incl. Yes Yes No No
Can be combined with Hygiene Appt. Yes Yes No No
Number of Office Visits 1 1 2 2
Brush-on Maintenance Option Yes Yes No No
Custom Tray and Mould Required No No Yes Yes