Which option is right for you:
at-home, in-office oR Both?

With Spa Dent you have a number of options based on your personal preferences and budget. Let us help you decide what is right for you!

Professional whitening home kit

Professional teeth whitening is now available in the comfort of your own home. With the Spa Dent Professional Whitening Home Kit, you get everything you needyour brightest smile

Find A Dentist Near you

We always recommend going to your Dentist prior to using any whitening product. Your Dentist can combine in-office and at-home packages to meet your specific needs.

Schedule a Consultation and Begin Treatment

Scheduling your teeth whitening with a local dentist is easy. Spa Dent is available in dental offices all across Canada and USA.  Use the Find A Dentist link above and book your consultation with a dentist. If you have not had a dental cleaning within the past 3 months, it is recommended that you have a cleaning performed prior to using the in-office teeth whitening for maximum results.

Product Comparison

Spa Dent Product Time Shades Whiter
HOME PUMP 50ml 30 days 4
LED HOME Kit 5-7 days 8
FLEX 40 min 8
COMBO PUMP + BOOST BRIGHTENING 10 min + 15 days 6-8
PUMP + FLEX 40 min + 10 days 8 +
HOME + BOOST BRIGHTENING 10 min + 5 days 8 +
HOME + FLEX 40 min + 3 days 8 +