Prophy + Whitening

Self Adjusting Ecocert certified Perlite. Use as standard prophy and whitening prep to improve results.


hygiene brightening

Professional Brightening in just 10 minutes. Up to 4 shades with your next hygiene appointment. Hygiene Brightening has been formulated with our 30%CP + 5% HP Xyliprox™ gel, PH Nuetral, no sensitivity and no barrier required. 


Flex Whitening

Maximum whitening in just one 20-40 Minute Power Whitening Session. Your whitest smile in under 1 hour with no sensitivity. Start Whitening with Spa Dent in your office now. 


Hands Free Light

The same technology as our floor light in a convenient hands free light. Now you can whiten anywhere.

Floor Light

Powerful in office bleaching light with Blue and Red light technology. Ergonomically designed to work in every operatory.