Prophy + Whitening

Self Adjusting Ecocert certified Perlite. Use as standard prophy and whitening prep to improve results.


hygiene brightening

Professional Brightening in just 10 minutes. Up to 4 shades with your next hygiene appointment. Hygiene Brightening has been formulated with our 30%CP + 5% HP Xyliprox™ gel, PH Nuetral, no sensitivity and no barrier required. 

Total Care mouthwash jug.jpg


For Pre + Post Treatment Contains 1.5% Peroxide, 10% Xylitol Relieves Dry Mouth, Fights Bacteria and Helps Heal Oral Tissue

Flex Whitening

Maximum whitening in just one 20-40 Minute Power Whitening Session. Your whitest smile in under 1 hour with no sensitivity. Start Whitening with Spa Dent in your office now. 


Hands Free Light

The same technology as our floor light in a convenient hands free light. Now you can whiten anywhere.

SD300 - dental.jpg

Table Top Light

Light weight table top light with Blue LED for accelerated whitening.

Floor Light

Powerful in office bleaching light with Blue and Red light technology. Ergonomically designed to work in every operatory.

syringe pack front.png

custom label syringes

All the benefits of Spa Dent Naturals Home gel with Your Office Information and Logo. Great for custom trays, lifelong smiles programs and dental promotions.