Congratulations on your new smile!

You’ve just experienced a revolutionary tooth whitening procedure. The exciting news is that our in office kits include at home whitening. You can whiten every night for 30 minutes with the tray and you can also use the gel as a toothpaste booster when you are finished your whitening. 

With Spa Dent you are guaranteed to achieve your maximum results.

The tubuals in your teeth are porous and following a whitening procedure are more susceptible to staining, therefore it is important you follow the directions to maintain your Whiter Brighter Smile!

While you cannot over whiten your teeth with Spa Dent gel, it is important to understand that you cannot whiten beyond your specific genetic traits. If your teeth shade has not gotten any lighter in 3 days you are at your maximum result.


First Hour

Drink only water for the first hour. We also recommend that you whiten and use the gel as a toothpaste booster at night prior to going to bed, to ensure maximum efficacy.

Next 24 Hours

Avoid anything staining for 24 hours. If you must have something staining, please brush your teeth afterward and add a pea sized amount of gel to your tooth paste. 

Aftercare gel

50mL Gel Pump

WOW! Professional Strength Xyliprox™ Home whitening gel in a convenient 50ml airless pump. Use in Spa Dent or custom dental trays. First gel designed to also be used as a nightly toothpaste BOOSTER! PH neutral, Silica Free and Gluten Free ingredients that whiten, fight bacteria and remineralize. A must have for anyone with Orthodontics!

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