Here is an animated video on how to use the Spa Dent LED HOME Kit. Additional written instructions are included in the kit. Please note that the kit contains enough gel for up to 30 tray applications and you should need only 5-7 to reach your maximum shade.  If you have not had a recent cleaning we recommend you visit your Dentist prior to whitening.

Product Features Spa Dent Home Day/Night White Crest White Strips
Application Time 20 min 1-8 hours 30 min
Treatment Length 5-7 days 14 days 30 days
Results 2-8 shades 1-6 shades 1-4 shades
Patient Price $199 $300 $80
BLUE & RED Light Activated Yes No No
Pain/Sensitivity No Yes Yes
Natural Ingredients Yes No No
Product Volume 50ml 7.2ml 3ml
Maintenance Included Yes No No
Multi Use Yes No No