Professional LED Light Activated Whitening, Visible Results in just 20 Minutes.  Up to 8 Shades whiter in only 5 days. 6 months Aftercare included, Sensitivity Free, Enamel Safe. Professional Strength Xyliprox™ gel and light (20%CP + 4%HP).  The same gel and light used by your Dentist.

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  • LED light with Batteries + 2 Bonus Batteries
  • 50ml Xyliprox™ Whitening Gel airless pump (20%CP + 4%HP)
  • Dental tray for light
  • Travel case
  • Shade guide

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$59.00 CAD

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Product Features Spa Dent Home Opalesence Go Day/Night White Crest White Strips
Application Time 20 min 1 hour 1-8 hours 30 min
Treatment Length 5-7 days 10 days 14 days 30 days
Results 2-8 shades 1-6 shades 1-6 shades 1-4 shades
Patient Price $199 $199 $300 $80
BLUE & RED Light Activated Yes No No No
Pain/Sensitivity No Yes Yes Yes
Natural Ingredients Yes No No No
Product Volume 50ml 5ml 7.2ml 3ml
Maintenance Included Yes No No No
Multi Use Yes No No No