Our office would like to complement you on a job well done. Patients are able to maintain their white smile in only 10 minutes at an affordable cost. This has increased the bookings for cleaning appointments and reduced the number of cancelled appointments. It has also been a great way for us to attract new patients. Thank you.
— Dr. U
Our office is averaging over 30 whitening sessions per month and we have had no complaints from any of our patients. Having two formulas enables us to tailor the whitening sessions based on each patients specific requirements. Everyone is thrilled to be able to receive in-office light activated whitening at an affordable price.
— Dr. H
Spa Dent is a very cost effective teeth whitening system compared to other whitening products. My staff likes the pre-filled tray which makes it easier to administer and ensures consistent application. There is no preparation time, no need to take impressions.
— Dr. K
My patients really like the 20 minute sessions. Immediate results and ease of application are a winning formula. We book the whitening sessions right after cleaning as this provides the best results.
— Dr. T