Spa Dent is a global leader in the LED Light-Activated Dental products marketplace. We pioneered the introduction of Blue and Red LED light technology for in-office teeth whitening and introduced the first pre-filled in-office dual-arch whitening tray. Spa Dent was also the first in-office whitening product to incorporate Hydrogen Peroxide, Carbamide Peroxide and Xylitol in a teeth whitening gel.

Spa Dent develops innovative tray designs, light technologies and product formulations to maximize oral health, simplify delivery, speed up the process for sensitivity free whitening.

Our in-office products include at-home whitening ensuring maximum results and no fade back with the first whitening gel designed for brush on application. We have the studies proving the safety of our in-office and at home gels.

With offices and warehousing in the United States and Canada and the ability to manufacture, formulate and test, we are also a leading private label manufacturer of oral care products. 

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